Social Media Service

Social Media Service


We will work with you to identify your target audience and start to plan our content strategy. Vyews Marketing Inc will create Brand Guidelines which outlines how your online voice speaks, posts and interacts with your target audience. 

Taking control of the daily posting, management, and operations of the social media accounts. This is commonly observed with past and current Vyews clients, that as time progresses and we define the brand’s voice, we can seamlessly continue performing at a high quality in an organic setting.

What We Do

We work to a specific posting schedule to promote high-quality content in an organic fashion.


We have multiple contract types with our social media services which include everything from completely hands off operations, content creation and assisted posting.


We aim to achieve a daily posting schedule of content that offers value to your followers. We believe this is what creates a community surrounding your brand online and increases sales. Quality Content posted at the correct time directed to your niche audience.

Previous Work

You can view our work live, we are running social media services for multiple clients at this present time. There will be links below to their accounts.

Barb Tyers RMT

Social Media

The Dream Team

Social Media

Detail Service

Our Social Media Service is operated on monthly contracts.

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