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What would you do if social media went offline? Recently we’ve seen the servers at Meta fail. How would you contact your customers?

We create personalized email and SMS marketing strategies aimed at your client list to make sure you’re in touch with your customers even when socials are down. Ranging from abandoned carts to weekly newsletters and lead generation, we have flows set up to ensure you have a solid line of communication with your customer base.

What We Do

Using your current email list, we set up a system of weekly newsletters that keep your customers informed on deals, offers or new services and products being released. We will work together to produce solid templates that you will be able to use. Want to be hands-off, we’ll set up a system to get the relative information from you and we will get these deliverables completed.

If you are running an e-commerce store and do not have an email or SMS marketing strategy in place, we strongly recommend you contact us and discuss options. It’s a fantastic system to recover lost sales, gain more traction and push more of your products to your customer base.

Previous Work

We currently work with multiple businesses with their email marketing, although we cannot share the stats or appearances of those emails with you. We would be happy to give you a tour of an example Email & SMS marketing strategy we have set up.

Detail Service

We create innovative and impactful email and SMS marketing that drives sales and doesn’t end up in your future clients’ junk box.

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